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We’re excited to introduce a new addition to the ever-growing justDice squad: the Backend Services Team. Mark, the Product Owner of the Backend Services, walks you through the team’s structure and plans for 2023 and beyond. 

What Are Backend Services?

With microservice-based architecture, backend services can provide a host of capabilities which can be securely accessed to deliver valuable features to end users. The backbone of services provides connectivity, data, infrastructure, and security to client applications. It is a vital part of a technology business. 

Migration From PHP to Go

The justDice backend was initially built using PHP, but in 2021/2022, all backend services were rewritten using Go. Using Go was required considering the long-term growth trajectory of justDice applications to ensure superior performance, security, and scalability.

The Team

Backend Services were built and maintained at justDice from its inception. However, development was done from within the product teams. As the justDice product portfolio grew, there was an increasing need to scale the services available to allow greater flexibility for re-use across multiple products. 

With a focus on building a base of services enabling product teams to create better value and user experiences, the Backend Services team has now been made into an individual unit. The team will manage key services essential to run the applications at justDice, including authorization, wallet services, and payout management.

Joining Mark and long-term OG team member György, the last few months saw Milad and Murat’s addition to our first fully-fledged Backend Services Team.  

The smiling backend services team

Looking Ahead

The BES team will build some important new features to help justDice grow its business and help product teams launch new products and features.

Our Areas of Focus:

Building new services required to launch new products to market. Product teams creating applications and games can build on top of the backend services to deliver new user experiences and increase revenue and margins. 

Enhance capabilities of existing backend services. We will continue to improve the currently available services to improve efficiency and development time involved with service integration and reduce manual intervention. This will help product development teams focus their time on building great user features. 

Build tools to run market experiments. Creating capabilities for BI and Data Science teams to conduct experiments on various user segments based on payouts and other user profile information. This will assist critical decision-making on revenue and cost drivers, which would help the business with greater profitability.

Improving scalability, security and performance of backend components. Ensuring that the performance and scalability of our services are optimised to handle high user and activity volumes while ensuring security from external threats.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2023, where we want to make things happen for justDice to help the team reach greater heights and have some fun doing it!