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How We Hire FAQ

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How We Hire

General Hiring Process

This process lets the candidate meet the team they will be working with daily (e.g. team, lead, MD). It can also happen quickly, depending on both parties’ availability. Click here to learn more about how we hire.

CV Screening

CVs are assessed by Talent Acquisition to determine if a candidate qualifies for a potential role.

1st Call

An interview with Talent Acquisition discussing background, work history and reasons for applying.

Test Task

If all goes well, you’ll be asked to complete a position-related test task to return within a deadline.

2nd Call

Meet the team. Progressing, you’ll then have a call with team members (if available) and the hiring manager.

Final Call

The last stage is an interview with justDice’s managing director.

Still Curious?

How do you earn money?

Our primary source of income is in-game advertisements. 

How big is the team?

justDice has over 40 employees and we’re currently expanding. 

How is the hierarchy structured?

The basic structure is justDice has one managing director with team leads in each department. Each department has varying levels of positions, from junior to senior.

With that in mind, we operate on a flat hierarchy system and have a very open-minded approach in terms of communication. Each team lead reports to the MD, and the seniors in the group tend to mentor the juniors.

We actively encourage everyone to come forward and ask questions and pitch new ideas and processes. But one significant factor is that we all sit at the same table for lunch and chat. Everyone speaks to everyone without corporate-style hurdles or top-floor offices where bosses sit and bestow orders from above.

Where are you located?

Our office HQ is in the beautiful port city of Hamburg, Germany overlooking the famous Alster lake.

Are pets allowed in the office?

Absolutely. If you haven’t been on our Insta yet, check it out. Dogs are a staple at justDice and one of the regular dogs who join us at the office was recently voted as a candidate for employee of the month!

What is your style of working?

Two things that spring to mind to describe our working style are ‘be direct’ (one of the company values) and ‘flexibility’.

Regarding being direct, we’re encouraged (at any level) to speak to anyone about ideas, thoughts, problems, or issues. We have various updates to get us talking and to keep everyone informed and engaged. Most departments participate in daily standups using a mixture of Scrum and Kanban. Mondays are our company-wide standup, and each month, we enjoy a buffet-style lunch together before meeting to discuss group-wide updates and OKRs. Important: anyone can contribute to these meetings, regardless of profession or experience. It’s encouraged. It’s a great way to share ideas, discuss items, and uncover solutions.

And by flexibility, we mean having the freedom to organise our working days as we wish. The freedom to manage our breaks and our start and end times equals an excellent work-life balance.

What does company-wide interaction look like?

Firstly, Applike Group’s four subsidiaries (Adjoe, Sunday, justDice & justTrack) all work in our modern office in Hamburg. Secondly, there are various recurring meetings with other companies (depending on your department). This opens opportunities for growth across the board into different roles and fields.

Company language?

Our official business language is English, and speaking German is not necessary. Everyone communicates in the offices, with our 3rd parties, and online in English. However, with such a diverse international team, it’s always nice to occasionally chat in your native language with someone else (or show off how you speak more than one language).

However, we offer those desiring to speak Deutsch a reimbursement package where we return the fee of your German class after passing the exam!

Relocation package

From the moment the formalities are completed, the support only gets better:

  1. We offer a financial ‘bonus’ in your first month’s pay to help cover relocation costs.
  2. You will receive expert visa support (if required) from day one.
  3. You can always count on our team to answer all of your questions regarding the relocation process! 

Important: Generally, we provide you with all the necessary information about finding accommodation. If finding an apartment becomes challenging, we can find a solution by working with you. In terms of insurance, only once you begin work will you be covered automatically by German health insurance (paying for health insurance is mandatory for everyone working in Germany, and payment comes from your monthly salary).

Work environment?

justDice itself is made up of fun, creative professionals. We focus on things that make the most significant impact at that moment. We move fast to reach 80% of the outcome with 20% effort rather than trying to be perfect. We work directly and openly help and support each other. We also have goals, values, and ways of doing things. And we have some damn fun doing it.

What’s more, you’re given freedom within your role. Make it yours. Decide how you want to divide your time, learn new software and teach the team, pitch new ideas and processes – the list goes on.

Ultimately, people enjoy working with each other at justDice. There isn’t a toxic culture where people prefer to eat lunch at their desks and not speak to anyone. We hang out after work hours and watch movies, play kicker, go for a beer, watch sports, etc. — we’ve even had team members come in on the weekend and play D&D all day!

What would personal development look like?

As we’ve previously mentioned, you’re given freedom within your role. With that, we provide each employee with a sizeable personal development budget. This budget is free to use however you’d like (as long as it’s work-related, no jetting off to Bora Bora unless there’s a gaming conference we don’t know about). Seriously though, use it to attend conferences across the globe. In the past, we’ve been to Helsinki, Berlin, London, Las Vegas, Toronto, Amman, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Lisbon, and beyond; if you want to do a talk or be part of a panel, even better! You can also purchase books and other materials or attend courses you feel might benefit you.

Aside from that, and this is no lie, we work in a fast-paced environment where hierarchies don’t stall your growth. By that, we mean rapid development in a short space of time is possible. There are four different companies under one roof, and one example is Vlad. Vlad worked as Senior UA manager at justDice before becoming the Lead UA with Sunday. Does this constant growth bring new opportunities? Indeed. We form new teams requiring leadership/senior mentoring, which could be you!

What technology do you use?


Design: Adobe Creative Cloud, Maxon One Package (Cinema 4D, Redshift, Zbrush, Trapcode), Blender, Unity. 

Apps: Our IDEs and programming languages include Android Studio, Webstorm, VSCode, React Native, Goland, Postman, Java, MySQLWorkbench, Kotlin, and Unity.

Games: Unity (Game Engine), Blender 3D, Audacity (audio), Visual Studio (text editor), Sourcetree (version control software), and Photoshop (for the memes).

Backend Services: Golang, Microservices Communication between services: Pub/sub, Communication between BE-APPS: Rest, CI/CD: Gitlab, Terraform/Terragrunt, AWS, DynamoDB, MySql.

BI: Redshift, DMS, S3, ECS / ECR, Athena, Spark, dbt, GitLab, Redash, Docker, Python, Google Sheets / Slides

PS. This is just to give you an idea of some of the programmes we use. The team are encouraged to bring new programmes/software to the table if they feel it would be beneficial. We would either learn it together or you could teach us!

What does the onboarding process look like?

You’ll first receive a welcome email that contains everything you need to know. It contains information on who your office buddy will be to your passwords and email, plan for onboarding with both the HR/people team and the respective team leads, vacation days, benefits, and more.

Your 1st office day: You will be welcomed with a company intro session hosted by your respective managing director before an onboarding with your team lead. You will then be introduced to your team and office buddy for individual onboarding.

Day 2: On your second office day, human resources will give you a more general onboarding before the office onboarding (like being shown how the coffee machine works—very important). 

We will be available to answer any other questions or queries throughout the process.

Do you have a brief summary of your company?

Absolutely! For a concise snapshot of who we are, check out our Company Overview one-pager (open in new tab). It covers key facts, our values, and benefits.

Couldn’t find the perfect position?

Send us your CV anyway… you never know.