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Making Your Move to Germany Seamless

Written by Stefania, justDice’s Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Many companies battle to find and retain talent nowadays, and many turn to relocation support as a solution. In the tech world, we are often faced with a situation where we have more job openings than available talent, prompting companies to explore diverse options to attract the right talent for the right roles.

justDice’s HQ is in Hamburg, Germany, and our search beyond the country’s border will ensure a considerable advantage in finding and retaining the best talents. However, relocation is a challenging subject, especially since candidates face various challenges when considering or undergoing a job relocation. 

We recognized these challenges and worked hard to ensure a seamless relocation process for candidates who made this BIG move to start a new job and life in Germany. 

Understanding Relocation Hurdles

Firstly, the relocation process is a time-consuming, expensive process with varying costs depending on the individual case. These costs include moving expenses, temporary accommodation and even deposits on new housing. Imagine moving with a family, with these costs even higher. This can be a significant financial burden, especially for those relocating from countries far from Germany. 

Another aspect is the lack of familiarity. When candidates choose to move to Germany, they completely change their environment. Leaving behind friends and family and moving to a new country might be a frightening and even frustrating experience. And if you don’t speak the language or have no knowledge of local resources, neighborhoods and cultural differences, it adds to the stress. 

Moving to another country also requires a loooot of paperwork. International candidates need support with visas and work permits, which can be a complex topic, especially without knowledge of the local legislation. 

Lastly, candidates with families must consider their partner’s situation, the children’s schooling and overall family well-being when relocating. 

On top of all these challenges, a big move like this can have a significant emotional impact. Hence, empathy and understanding are essential when negotiating a relocation package with a possible new international colleague. 

The justDice Advantage

We are here to support you from the beginning. Once you’ve decided to join justDice, you will receive comprehensive relocation support to help ensure a smooth transition to Germany. 

Because we know the financial burden of a big move like this, we want to support you by offering a one-time bonus payment to your first salary. We will pay this bonus regardless of the country you decide to relocate from, and we increase the amount if you relocate with family. On top of that, getting fast and safe to Germany is our top priority, so we are bearing the costs of the flights regardless of the country you are relocating from.

Besides this, we partnered with an HR platform for talent mobility, Localyze, to manage your relocation and other related administrative processes. Their platform gives you access to handy information from day 1 of your relocation, meaning after you sign our contract, you will be automatically put in touch with a case manager inside Localyze. This person will always have you as a top priority, and they have a 24-hour reply policy.

Comprehensive Relocation Support

Support with the entire relocation process, including:

  • Health insurance incl. obtaining a social security number
  • Preparation for visa application appointment (incl. obtaining labor market approval, communication with authorities before and after the appointment, and collection and checking of relevant documents)
  • Registration appointment after arrival in Germany 
  • Preparation of residence permit application (incl. communication with authorities before and after appointment)
  • Family support (spouse and children) for the same topics 
  • General topics such as housing, opening a bank account, etc. are also accessible on the Localyze platform

Find Your New Home in Hamburg

Housing is also a big relocation topic, so we want to support you with this as well. Depending on availability, you can apply for an apartment for the first two months of your stay in Hamburg. It is important to know that we have a limited number of apartments because we have the first come, first serve rule with new joiners who secure their visa first. Beside that, we’ll share helpful tips and insights on how to find your permanent Hamburg home.

Speak German With Confidence 

Moving to another country without knowing the language can be hard, and German isn’t famous for being the easiest to learn. So, for those motivated to learn the language, we offer free German classes with expert native teachers, to help you get settled.  

Hear from Our International Team Members

Don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from our international team members who’ve already made the move. Below, they’ve shared their initial concerns and how justDice’s support played a role.

What was your biggest concern about relocating?

Elena Koloskova (UX/UI Designer): “My main worry was fitting into a new country and work culture. justDice helped by providing relocation assistance and a thorough onboarding process that made settling in much easier.

Gareth Tait (Marketing Specialist): “Probably the language and the paperwork involved in getting the work visa. Moving to a new country is an exciting but occasionally daunting change, especially when you don’t speak the language. My German could be better, and I knew a tonne of paperwork would come with getting the work visa. However, the team helped me find and submit documents. It would’ve been complicated without that support. It was great because the team has done it before, and it made the whole process much easier (even though the embassy was slow in processing everything haha).

How has this support helped your transition to a new job in Germany?

Elena answered, “The assistance I received has simplified my visa process, making the transition smoother overall. It helped me adjust to both life in Germany and my new job more comfortably.

Gareth said, “The support I received moving to Germany helped me feel welcome in Hamburg. They helped me with accommodation recommendations, public transport passes, etc., and with the bonus of joining a friendly team after I started. Most of the team have been through the same moving/visa process, so making new friends was easy.

Embrace the Multicultural justDice

justDice is proud of being a diverse, inclusive and multicultural environment with employees from more than 25 nationalities. To make this possible, we relocate talent from every corner of the world, ensuring the smoothest transition possible. Most of them are seasoned experts in visas and the like, so don’t hesitate to ask for advice after you start!

Connect With the Team

The talent acquisition team will be by your side throughout the process, ensuring you feel comfortable in your new job. From the position offer stage, we will take time to explain all the steps in the process and how our partners will be there for you every step of the way. 

You will also receive a guide to Hamburg from us, including helpful information such as neighborhood options, insurance details, how to find your family doctor, how to use public transportation and much more.

And don’t forget, we are here for any questions, so feel free to contact us. Explore our current openings now or contact our Talent Acquisition team today!