The Code Whisperer Who Plays with Fire

Our team here at justDice is a blend of fun and professional. And that’s what these posts aim to unlock. We want the Humans of justDice features to focus on getting to know the people and minds behind the scenes. We’ll get to know a different team member every month, giving you an exclusive look into how we work together here at justDice 🙂

Where do we begin with Amirhossein, aka Amir? As one of our talented senior developers, he focuses on improving our code for better structure and readability. Amir enjoys researching, introducing new technologies, and keeping up with industry trends, like using AI for code reviews. When not refactoring, he loves playing FIFA with the team (often losing) and occasionally burning half-baked cookies. Let’s jump in.

1. What was your first impression of Hamburg?

A: Hamburg is a lovely city; I love the Alster. When I arrived in Hamburg, everything was new to me, especially the weather. Tehran, my hometown, is almost always hot, whereas here, it is mostly cold, so the weather was a new experience for me. Also, seeing people from different countries in the same place and living with them was really cool for me. In short, I love Hamburg and Germany.

2. And describe your role at justDice in 3 words.

A: Move quite fast. At justDice, we need to develop code as quickly as possible because we are still an agile company. Every day, we test different products and experiments. One of my big responsibilities is improving our code. Our codebase requires constant improvement, and I always strive to push this aspect forward. Also important is keeping constantly updated. It’s crucial to stay updated because we aim to utilize the latest technologies, libraries, and more.

3. What makes us different from other places you’ve worked?

A: We are comfortable with each other and can talk without any barriers. As a software engineer, I can share my product and business ideas, and the company is very welcoming. During difficult moments, justDice has also supported me, and I appreciate this. I wouldn’t say it is the best company in the world as no one is perfect, but it’s a great place to work.

4. How have you found learning new tech and tackling project challenges?

A: As software engineers handling various projects, facing challenges and learning new technologies is rewarding and an integral part of our job. Sometimes, it’s difficult, but usually, it’s manageable. My approach is to break down tough tasks and proceed step by step. Additionally, I find that learning new topics while coding is quite effective.

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The cake obsession is real here

5. The funniest thing that’s happened since joining?

A: Calling the firefighters to the office was a memorable incident. It was a home office day, and around 7 PM, I was alone in the office. I wanted to eat a cookie, and the package said ‘half-baked,’ so I thought I needed to microwave it. After 30 seconds, smoke started billowing out, triggering the building’s fire alarm. Within three minutes, firefighters arrived at the office. It was a stressful moment, and I thought I was in trouble. However, looking back, it’s now one of the funniest moments of working here.

6. Favourite things about being here?

A: The office view, team events, hardware, and Maní (one of the team member’s dogs).

Amir at Euro 2024 in Hamburg

7. What would be your advice for someone new joining us?

A: Germany is a good country to live in, and justDice is a great place to work. The company strives to provide everything new joiners need, ensuring a smooth relocation. So no worries.

8. And Finally, Tell Us Something Fun or Unexpected About Amir

A: I haven’t eaten fruits since my childhood, maybe just once a year and from only two or three types. I use Apple products and I really hate apples as a fruit.