A Chat with Our UX/UI Expert, Elena

Creating an app that stands out in the competitive mobile gaming and app design world is quite the challenge. That’s why our very own UX/UI expert, Elena, shares her knowledge in crafting rewarded app experiences that attract users and keep them engaged. Enjoy!

Mastering User Retention

Elena tackles the big question head-on: user retention. Highlighting a statistic from Statista: 25% of apps are barely revisited after the first use, she shares her strategy for flipping this narrative. “The trick isn’t just getting the app onto someone’s phone; it’s about creating an experience so compelling they come back for more. This means integrating rewarding systems, achievements, and progress tracking in a way that resonates with our users,” she explains. It’s about transforming every tap and swipe into a rewarding journey.

Effortless Navigation is Key

Ever felt lost within an app? Elena is well aware of this frustration and emphasises the importance of smooth navigation. “Creating an intuitive navigation system is non-negotiable. We want our users to navigate our apps easily, ensuring they can easily find what they need,” she says. It’s this simplicity that keeps users engaged and satisfied.

Cash Giraffe, one of our apps

Understanding What Drives Users

According to Elena, understanding user motivation is especially crucial in rewarded apps. “The draw of real rewards (real payouts, gift cards, and vouchers) in our free play-and-earn apps adds a unique twist to user engagement. By diving into our users’ behaviour and preferences, we can tweak the app in ways that genuinely appeal to them,” she shares. This strategy enhances user experience and builds a deeper connection with the app.

Building Trust

Digital privacy is more important than ever, and Elena stresses the significance of building trust through design. “Ensuring our app is seen as trustworthy is essential. This means being upfront about our data policies and giving users control over their information. It’s about building an environment of transparency and security,” she notes. For Elena, trust is the cornerstone of user confidence and app loyalty.

Keeping Designs Fresh and Relevant

With the mobile gaming world forever changing, Elena is always looking for ways to keep the app’s design innovative and user-friendly. “We live in a fast-paced world, so staying agile and responsive to new trends is so important. However, it’s about balancing these trends with what truly works for our players. That’s where A/B testing becomes invaluable,” she says. This approach ensures that the app remains both cutting-edge and deeply user-centric.

Seamless Experiences Across Devices

Elena also highlights the importance of responsive design, ensuring the app provides an excellent experience on any device. “Adapting our design to fit different screens is crucial. We leverage tools like auto layouts in Figma to ensure that everyone, no matter their device, enjoys a smooth and engaging experience,” she explains.

Elena’s Current Passion Project

When asked about her favourite projects, Elena answered like a politician, haha! “My current project is always my favourite. It’s my opportunity to push boundaries, solve new challenges, and impact users’ experience,” she explains. This attitude highlights justDice’s commitment to innovating in our everyday work.

Wrapping Up

Elena’s insights reveal the dance of creating engaging, rewarding apps—a blend of art, science, and a deep understanding of user needs. At justDice, we’re committed to developing apps and crafting experiences that resonate deeply with our users, setting new standards in the rewarded mobile app genre!