justDice business development manager welcome with a green arrow and dartboard

Charting a Path to Success

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our new Head of Business Development, Olga, who has joined our team with a strong track record and a wealth of experience in driving business growth.

Read on to discover Olga’s perspectives on our industry, her aspirations for our company, and her strategies for achieving results in the fast-moving gaming industry.

Could You Please Introduce Yourself

🗣️ Olga: “I am a business development representative with 14+ years of experience. My career started in a classical out staffing environment during the last global economic crisis. I always joke that it sets a tone for my future career because, from that moment, I’ve never had a task close enough to the definition of ‘easy’.

Later I worked in a product company that creates software for SEO. However, most of my experience is in Gurtam, a global leader in developing IoT/ telematics and GPS tracking software. At Gurtam, I started as a business development rep and grew a team of 3 salespeople to a business development structure consisting of 9 biz-dev teams and 50 people. At the start of my journey, international markets were making 30% of the total company revenue. At the end of my 7-year journey, when I was going on maternity leave, my teams generated 70% of the revenue. 

justDice felt like a good fit for me as I have the proper skill set for growing business (and teams) from scratch and also because I longed for experience in a completely different field from telematics.” 

Your Current Responsibilities at justDice

“Currently, at justDice, I am responsible for building a voucher program on our loyalty apps and exploring new revenue streams. When our users redeem vouchers instead of cash payouts, two things happen: we save the payout sum with the transaction fee and earn a commission on each user who purchases something on the advertiser’s website. 

In very simple words, I am the person who makes sure LENOVO vouchers are available to our users in France and Uber Eats is redeemed by our users in Germany. Finding the right balance between the voucher offer on our apps is tricky as we’re just learning who our audience is, but it only makes the journey more fascinating for me.”

Future Plans

“As we move forward, it’s important to approach plans with flexibility and adaptability. While we understand the need to stay agile, we do have some initial directions that we are pursuing at this stage. 

Firstly, we aim to increase the revenue generated by our voucher partners while also ensuring that we maintain the savings we provide to our users. Additionally, we are actively exploring alternative revenue streams, specifically focusing this quarter on potential collaborations with eWallets. 

Finally, our overarching goal is to scale up whatever strategies and initiatives are proving successful from the aforementioned directions, optimising them until they make sound financial sense. By taking these steps, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and maximise our impact in the ever-changing mobile app and gaming landscape.”

Welcome aboard, Olga; wishing you the best of luck!